Association of Medical Histotechnologist of India

Our History

5 years ago we realized the need of forming an association for National histology group. The steps we followed are Committee Formation, Logo, Registration, Setting up Goals, permission to use TMH address for correspondence and the journey of AMHI started-- All the Pathologists at the Tata Memorial Hospital were very helpful and encouraging in this endeavor. Especially Director of Tata Memorial Centre, Dr. R A Badwe has encouraged us and supported by all means to form this association. We are really indebted to him!!

All the members of Organizing Committee have taken special efforts to complete the formalities required for the registration of our association, which was an arduous task. It is needless to mention that they carried out all these activities, without affecting their routine jobs. Such professional association can function effectively with the active participation and support of all the members. . It is also proposed to form an Advisory Committee of eminent Pathologists, who would share knowledge, experience and insights in our field of work. Thanks to Dr. Lakshminarayan for agreeing to be as an advisor for the committee. We really thank him and his experience is going to be valuable for all of us. We are bringing this website for sharing our experiences and to increase communication of members’. We request all the members to share their views/experiences/knowledge which is useful to the histology group. Further, one day CME & Workshop was conducted on 15th January 2016.