Association of Medical Histotechnologist of India

President Message

It gives us great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction to publish our first to form association of this kind!

Our journey to reach this stage of successfully forming a professional association was difficult and also exhilarating. It is a pioneering effort to form an association of this kind, to bring all the laboratory technologists together, with a common goal of improving quality. All the Pathologists at the Tata Memorial Hospital were very helpful and encouraging in this endeavour. Especially Director of the Tata Memorial Centre, Dr. R A Badwe has encouraged us and supported by all means to form this association. We are really indebted to him !!

All the members of Organising Committee have taken special efforts to complete the formalities required for the registration of our association, which was an arduous task. It is needless to mention that they carried out all these activities, without affecting their routine jobs.

Such professional association can function effectively with the active participation and support of all the members. We are confident that our members will take keen interest in various activities planned in the New Year. These include formation of a WhatsApp group for exchange of professionally meaningful messages. It is also proposed to form an Advisory Committee of eminent Pathologists & Technologists, who would share knowledge, experience and insights in our field of work.

Once again, we would like to emphasize that this is your association and hence your suggestions and views are going to improve our plans. And for this, we request your active participation and involvement in all the projects planned in future.

All of us need to take extra efforts to gear up this activity and we feel it is possible because “if there is a wish, there is a way!”

Thanks a million!!

Ujjwala Joshi & Manisha Kulkarni

President and Vice President of AMHI